Terms and conditions

A. Do these terms concern my reservation?

These client booking terms (Booking terms) concern Reservations made directly at Dimore Solare or at a Dimore Solare charged agent’s.

These booking terms do not concern tour operator reservations (and not directly at Dimore Solare or at a Dimore Solare charged agent’s). Such reservations will be subject to the booking terms of the tour operator (and, in case, to their deals on insolvency protection).

If you booked by phone, fax or mail, you have not read such terms when you booked and you are not convinced to complete reservation once you have read them, you are invited to give back all the documents to Dimore Solara or to you travel agency within 7 days after receiving such booking terms. Your reservation will be cancelled and you will be reimbursed, unless you have already begun your stay. This clause is not effective if your reservation has been made 14 days before your stay starts.

When you book, directly with Dimore Solare or in an authorised or affiliated travel agencies, you are signing a deal with Dimore Solara. You deal will finish once you paid your reservation and we have confirmed your reservation.

Such terms, decrees, international conventions, laws on hotel responsibility (“Hoteliers’ regulations”), booking confirmations or any other information presented (in case of travel agency reservation see “Stay organiser” and what we asked him/her to present to you) before confirming your reservation and any other term we may deal with you are the basis of the contact to all Dimore Solara reservations.

In case of variances in such booking terms, hoteliers’ regulations, any other conditions or international convention that mat be applied, such terms will prevail to the extent permitted under the law.

We ask you to read carefully such terms before booking, since (save the possible modification to be dealt with you) they are respectively our and your rights and obligations. If any term is not clear, you may contact us so that we may explain them to you. If you do not accept such terms, you cannot book our dwellings.

Hereby, after his/her reservation, the main Guest:

  1. Declares that all the people he/she mentions in his/her reservation are subject to the contract;
  2. Confirms the accuracy of the data given for his/her reservation;
  3. Confirms he/she read and understood such booking terms and accepts (he/she and any other person mentioned in his/her reservation) he/she is subject to them; confirms he/she read our Privacy Policy, available on our site https://dimoresolara.it/privacy-policy and confims he will give our Privacy Policy to any other person mentioned in his/her reservation, and
  4. Confirms he/she is at least 18 years old and, if facilities concerning age restrictions are demanded, he/she declares all the guests can benefit from such felicities in terms of their age.

B. Reservations

B1. Host variation or cancellation

We may modify, or exceptionally cancel, your reservation. We reserve the right to do it in every moment. Most variations have secondary importance; however, occasionally we might inform our Guests of a main modification we are obliged to make on the main features of you Reservation.

In the unlikely event when we have to make a main variation and/or cancel your Reservation, you will be informed as soon as possible. In such circumstances you will be totally reimbursed, but no other responsibility deriving from such variation or cancellation will be charged.

B2. Guest variation/cancellation

If the main guest or anyone mentioned in his/her reservation wants to modify any part of a confirmed reservation, he/she may do it by contacting Dimore Solara and paying the applicable cancellation/variation right. Cancellation (or variation) rights change in every reservation. We will settle cancellation rights pertaining to your reservation once you book. You will be informed of any other payment if you modify your reservation.

We cannot guarantee we may accept your demand, but we will do our best.

Reservations are not transferable without our written agreement. Money you have already paid will settle any cancellation rights (and, if payments exceed fees, you will be reimbursed). No reimbursement will be given if you do not show up or if you do not use any facilities.

B3 Our related responsibilities and limitations

Our responsibility (if existing) is limited (to the extent permitted under the law) to what follows:

  1. Responsibility for personal injury and/or death cause of our negligence during your stay (1) if the stay is not subject to an International Convention (as it here stated), has no limitations; (2) if the stay is subject to an International Convention, it will be limited and Dimore Solara will be considered as a hotelier subject to International Conventions, among which Paris Convention (referring to hotel deals). You may ask for a copy of such conventions at our desk.
  2. Responsibility for loss or damage to luggage and belongings (other than cars, belongings in cars or animals) during the stay is limited (as you are supposed to have an insurance that covers such losses):
  • If your stay is subject to an International Convention (included in a non-exclusive way the Paris Convention referring to hotel deals), as if the group Dimore Solara were a Hotelier subject to the appropriate International Conventions;
  • If your stay is not subject to an International convention, as stated before, to an aggregated limitation of € 2.500 (or local value) for person (or, is superior, to the applicable sum required by hotelier local legislation)
  • Responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles, belonging stored in such vehicles or animals is limited to €2.500. To the extent authorized by the law, we do not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, or other expenses:
  1. To what, according to the information you provided at the moment of your reservation before our confirmation, we could not have foreseen (for instance, if do not inform about allergies or medical conditions, or any loss of business);
  2. Caused by extraordinary or inevitable circumstances (as defined in Section C);
  3. If, at the moment of loss or damage, accommodation were not booked to the Guest and/or loss or damage did not occur between previous midnight and midnight following the Guest’s stay;
  4. That are not part of our deals or have not been shown in our leaflet or our site, for instance any excursion you booked (not with us) during your stay, any facility the provider engages to give you, any doctor, dentist or other healthcare professional that has to assist you during your stay or any other service, product, transport we do not offer.

If we have to accept our responsibility in respect to such terms you must communicate any complaint in line with the complaining procedure defined in the Section C of such terms.

If any payment is made, people that receive it (and their parents or legal tutor if they are under 18) have to give us or our insurance any right to pursue any third party and have to assist us and our insurance if needed.


C. Accuracy, prices and dispute resolution

C1. Accuracy

All reservations are subject to availability at the moment of Reservation. We do our best to guarantee the updating of our advertisement, but we cannot assure that any advertised facility is still available at the moment of Reservation. You will be informed as soon as possible after you booked if, for any reason, the facilities you tried to book are not available.

The price shown may be subject to modifications. We do our best to guarantee that the price shown is updated, but prices may change at short notice. You will be confirmed of the actual price at the moment of Reservation.
We advertise a great number of lodgings and we engage to guarantee that the price shown is always accurate, but sometimes errors may occur. We usually verify prices at the moment of Reservation. In case of errors, if the actual price is lower than what has been communicated at the moment of Reservation, we will charge only the lowest price. If the price is higher, you will be contacted to get instruction or to reject your Reservation (at our sole discretion) and you will be informed so that you may decide what to do.

You are asked to check the price and all the other details concerning the facilities you want to book before confirming your Reservation.

C2. Prices and payments

Once you have chosen to book, you have to make a demand of reservation and pay deposit and balance in respect with times and fees you confirmed at the moment of Reservation. Booking cost does not include any paying extras you may use, expect from those facilities that are confirmed at the moment of Reservation.

We do not have any obligation to give you wrong price facilities, not even after confirming your Reservation, if the error is reasonably evident. Under such circumstances, you might be contacted to be informed or to cancel your Reservation.

If advance payment is not asked, check-out payment may be made by credit card, debit card, cash (according to local laws) or gift voucher Dimore Solara. When you check-in, all the reservations will demand a preventive authorisation by credit card to cover any accessory charges during your stay.

C3. Disability, reduced mobility and health conditions.

Dimore Solara respects local disability laws. If you, or another guest, present a particular health condition, a reduced mobility or a disability that can affect your journey, you are asked to give us all the complete details before confirming your Rservation so that we may recommend you the best solution. Being sensible, if we were not able to satisfy your demand, we will not confirm your Reservation and, if you have not given all the details at the moment of Reservation, it will be cancelled and cancellation fees will be charged to you once these details will be known.

C4. Extraordinary and inevitable circumstances

In such booking terms, extraordinary and inevitable conditions are intended as situations that cannot be controlled and whose consequence could not be avoided not even adopting all the possible measures. Such circumstances are wars, dangerous security issues as terrorisms, serious risks for human health as epidemy in travel destination, another natural catastrophe as flood, earthquake, weather conditions preventing from safe travelling to the booked destination or other events as strikes or excessively high/low water levels.

Without prejudice of what this otherwise mentioned in these booking terms, we will not be responsible and we will not pay reimbursement if our deal obligations to you concern extraordinary and inevitable circumstances.

C5. Dispute resolutions

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your stay, you are asked to inform us immediately at the following addresses:

C.so Italia 103 – 95129 Catania (Italia)
3475465722 / 3487034792

Within 28 day from the end of your stay, by indication of the reference of your Reservation and any other related information.

You are also asked to inform the concerned responsible who will solve your problem. If you incur in losses or damages to your luggage, inform us or the provider within 72 hours. It is important that you inform both us and the provider so that we can both help you to solve your problem without hesitation. We think that it is good to everybody if problems during the stay are solved so that you may enjoy it. Please notice that any missed problem warning during your stay, as described above, prevents us and providers from the opportunity to inquire and solve your complaint during the stay and could affect your rights in respect with such deal, and your reimbursement will be reduced or cancelled.

C6. Insurance

It is important that you sign an insurance that may cover your and your group’s needs during your stay. An adequate insurance is an essential condition of your Reservation. Verify you dispose of an efficient travel insurance for the countries and the activities during your stay at the moment of your Reservation. You are asked to contact us if you have not signed such insurance. Any responsibility we could be charged will not be taken into consideration if you have chosen to travel without an adequate insurance.

C7. Behaviour

All guests have to behave responsibly and to take other people into consideration during your stay, without disturbing other Guests. As a consequence, if we or one of our providers think that you might have disturbed or annoyed anyone, or you might have caused a risk to security, damage to our facilities, to us or our providers or other Guests, we could cancel your Reservation (or ask you to leave our hotel or interrupt the related facility) without any other responsibility. Under these circumstances, terms in Sections A and B concerning variations or cancellations are not valid anymore.

The whole cost of such damage or loss have to be paid to us or to the concerned provider before your expulsion from the facility. If your behaviour (or any of your belongings) provoked loss or damage to people or to things we are in charged for, you will reimburse such damage or loss and any legal expenses that we should have in the pursue of the dispute. We cannot be held responsible for deeds or behaviours by other Guests or people that are not related to your Reservation.

We follow a strict policy against the use of our hotel as a base for committing crimes (just for example, drug consumption, prostitution and/or human beings’ traffic). We reserve the right to expulse /reject the entrance of any person and to warn the competent authorities if, in a sensible way, we suspect that our hotel is used for such goal.

C8. On-site booked excursions

You may on-site book an excursion during your stay, for instance a tour, an experience, a concert, an activity, a sport event or an adventurous experience (“On-site booked excursion). These excursions may be on-site booked and paid. A deal with the provider will be signed and this is not part of your Reservation of the hotel. Facilities will be provided by third party we do not have any connection with. We do not have any responsibility for such provided facilities, and we do not accept any responsibility if you incur in loss or damage during your on-site booked excursion.

C9. Translations

We have translated the original English version of such booking terms into other languages to our Guests. However, these translations do not give any other right than those stated in the English version and, in case of incongruity or discrepancy between the English version and any other translated version of such terms and conditions, the Italian version will prevail to the extent permitted under the law.

C10. General conditions

Paragraphs in these booking terms have a separate value from each other. If a tribunal or another competent authority decided that one of these paragraphs (or part of them) was illegitimate or inapplicable, paragraphs left (and their parts) would still be into force.

These booking and confirmation terms are part of our deal. Any other statements, promised or warranty concerning you Reservation are not reliable.

These booking terms are signed between you and us. No other person has any right on such terms and conditions.

If we did not immediately ask you to make any action you obliged to do according to such terms, or if we delayed our actions related to your violation of the deal, this would not mean that you are not obliged to respect the rules and would not prevent us from act against you in a following moment. For instance, if you did not pay and we did not ask you immediately, we would still have the right to impose you to pay in a following day.

We can cede to another organization our rights and obligations towards you, to the extent permitted under such booking terms; we will do our best to inform if this happens, but in any case, this will not affect your rights and obligations according to booking terms.

If you have any questions on these booking terms, ask our service centre in the UK before booking.

C11. Applicable law, competence and mediation

Such International conventions and any dispute or appeal (including non-contractual disputes or appeal) deriving from or relating to such convention or their object are regulated in accordance with the Italian law. You and we accept that Italian tribunals have the exclusive competence to resolve any dispute or appeal (including non-contractual disputes or appeal) deriving from or relating to such booking terms or their objects. You might, however, choose the law and competence of the EU State where you live.